• Do You Really Like To

    Work More Effectively ?

    The primary benefit of information systems is able to provide users with the real-time or archived information needed to do any task effectively and efficiently ... read more

    Ease of Working Multi Task
  • Do You Really Want to Quickly Compile

    Accurate Reports ?

    Demands to complete reporting more accurate, faster, and with more transparency are high. Stakeholders and shareholders require access to more reliable information within shorter periods of time ... read more

    Accurate Reports
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    Managing Inventories?

    Inventory is a component of the company's overall capital investment. Firms that can generate profits with lower level of investments in inventories will generate higher cash flows ... read more

    Managing Inventories
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    Monitoring Productions ?

    Phases of the production as well as the flow of materials must be coordinated to efficiently produce quality products and to keep tight control of the inventories ... read more

    Monitoring Productions
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    Monitoring Export Import ?

    It is important that export import be monitored in a way that accommodates all of company's departments so that each department knows what to do and what is expected ... read more

    Monitor Export Import
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    Follow Customs Regulations ?

    Indonesia customs regulations allow various duty saving opportunities and exemption from taxes that can be leveraged by foreign or domestic manufacturing or service companies ... read more

    Comply Customs Regulations
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    Manage Work Collaboration ?

    In the process of working, collaboration is one factor that workers must have to reach their goals or be successful on the project they are working on so that company's business grows better ... read more

    Manage Work Collaboration

Supports and Information System Implementation

The difficulties and high failure rate in implementing information systems have been widely known. Factors affecting information system implementation are complex and abundant. Ten factors that can affect information system implementation in your business are:
1. Top Management Support: top level management shall provide leadership and necessary resources
2. Clear Goals and Objectives
3. Communication inwards the project team and outwards the company
4. Effective Project Management
5. Business Process Reengineering: willingness, readiness, and capable to do reengineering
6. Data Accuracy and Integrity: availability of accuracy data
7. Suitability of Software and Hardware: compatibility of software with hardware and your business
8. Vendor Support: service response time, qualified consultants and helpdesk support
9. Education and Training: logic and concepts of our information system softwares, features on our softwares, and how to use those software features related with employees role as: export import personnel, or production personnel, or software administrator, or top level management
10. User's Involvement

Our Total Supports

Our Supports Started Before You Become One of Our Clients

IndonesiaCore® provides not only robust information system softwares but also delivers quality services, even before clients buy our softwares. Our marketing teams given sets of skills to present the softwares and to deliver information to your top level management and your employees about the needed resources, goals and objectives that your business need to have by implementing our information system and softwares, how to manage the project of implementing information system on your company, and analyze business processes and availability of accurate data on your business. Our technicians can demonstrate and answer questions about compatibility of our information system softwares with hardwares in your business.

Total Supports as Software Vendor for Your Business

IndonesiaCore® supports the implementation and adaptation of our information system software on your business. Our helpdesk team personnels are available 24/7 to answer user's questions regarding how to use the softwares, how to verify accuracy of data inputted on the system and to solve data problems, and etc while our training team personnels conduct training sessions in face-to-face environment so that employees and our trainers can interact and discuss ways to operate our information system effectively.

Our Services

24/7 Supports

Sentra Menteng Mn-18 Bintaro VIII, Indonesia
Phone: +622196902959
Email: management@indonesiacore.com

You can also contact directly our marketing team, trainers, or helpdesk supports that assigned to your company.

Our Ready-To-Use Products

IT Inventory Systems Softwares that Comply Customs Regulations

IndonesiaCore® provides IT Inventory System that comply Indonesia Customs Regulations and suitable for your business. read more



read more


Kami dapat menjelaskan ke pemeriksa Bea Cukai dan mereka menganggap iCore PT Sanken Indonesia memenuhi syarat.Terima kasih supportnya telah mengirimkan pak Rahmat dan pak Zaskia memberikan training kepada kami.

Agung Susilo, PT Sanken Indonesia

Dear Team Help Desk iCore,

Terima kasih atas responnya yang cepat dan baik.

Putri Rema, PT Kojin Indonesia

Terima kasih atas supportnya mendampingi kami ketika kami menjelaskan cara pemakaian iCore IT Inventory System kepada pemeriksa Bea Cukai dan pemeriksa Bea Cukai menganggap ICore PT Bumjin Indonesia telah memenuhi syarat.

Ela, PT Bumjin Indonesia

Terima kasih banyak atas informasinya dan sarannya tim Help Desk iCore.

Anto, PT Yasunli Citra Indonesia

Terima kasih telah mengirimkan pak Kiki untuk mendampingi kami menjelaskan cara pemakaian iCore IT Inventory System kepada pemeriksa Bea Cukai sehingga perusahaan kami telah memenuhi syarat penggunaan IT Inventory System

Waluyo, PT Craze Indonesia

Terima kasih atas layanan purna jual / service iCore yang baik, dan terima kasih supportnya, saya sudah check system dan berjalan normal

Dodi Setiadi, PT Surya Multindo Industri

Terima kasih bantuannya memeriksa data yang telah kami input dan membantu penghapusan data salah kami sesuai permintaan kami

Eko Setyabudi, PT Bohler Welding Group Asia Pacific

Terima kasih atas supportnya telah mendampingi kami dalam menjelaskan iCore IT Inventory System kepada pemeriksa Bea Cukai dari KPPBC Tangerang sehingga perusahaan kami telah memenuhi syarat penggunaan IT Inventory System

Atika Lestari, PT Karinda Kharisma

Terima kasih supportnya sehingga perusahaan kami telah memenuhi syarat penggunaan IT Inventory System

Delly, PT EPS Indonesia

Tks atas bantuannya.. kami akan tetap berharap akan bantuanya kelak y apak..

Jismael Samosir, PT Samjin Indonesia

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