Challenges Faced by Companies

Stakeholders and Regulators Want Transparent Info in Less Time

Demands that companies complete reporting faster and with more transparency are coming from every angle. Government regulatory bodies require access to more reliable information within shorter periods of time. IndonesiaCore® offers you software IT Inventory Systems that Comply Indonesia Customs Regulations in which Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse, and other types of companies can bring faster and accurate reports of inventory and export import information to the Customs.

Business Leaders Require Fast, Accurate Information To Support Decision Making

Departments are playing an ever-increasing role in management reporting. Departments must also provide company leaders with timely and accurate performance information, such as production results, stock and inventory, and export import reports. Inefficient reporting ties up valuable time and resources, obscures transparency, increases the risk of errors, and causes organizations to base critical business decisions on incorrect or incomplete information. Departments must begin to coordinate process and sharing input data tasks from import, production, until export, so that departments can minimize data compilation time and bring reports in a timely manner.

Solution for Accurate Reports

IndonesiaCore® proposes solution for companies not just in the form of softwares but also recommendations and advices. Our recommendations and advices vary from setting up business processes, roles, and system in the company so that our solution works and adapted successfully.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Human Resources

In order to produce accurate reports companies make sure all departments involved understand the role they play in the processes and how they can contribute to a more efficient close:
» assign clear responsibilities for each departments, e.g exim, production, warehousing, purchasing, marketing
» establish a schedule with defined milestones to support accountability
» communicate effectively throughout the organization

Optimize the Use of IT such as Information System

Effective use of technology is essential to gaining timely, accurate, and transparent data:
» identify opportunities to leverage the use of information system instead of excessive reliance upon Excel spreadsheets
» train employees to be able to fully use the information system capabilites
» use templates that can be easily populated with relevant data