Website Content Management Affect Your Busines

The development of the Internet Users Number Outstanding

The presence of the Internet changed the way we buy and sell products and services, changing also the way we search for information and communicate with others, and even influence the way we look for entertainment. The number of internet users is remarkable. By 2013, Internet users reached 2.4 billion people where the figure is 44.8 per cent among the Internet users from Asia. Internet users in Indonesia has reached tens of millions of active users every day.

Design and Content Management It Affect Your Business Image

Website allows your business to reach a wider consumer market. The competition between companies increasingly tough to make the company needs to increase its presence on the internet for global consumers to know the business and the quality of its products. In this case the web design is very important for you to watch if you want to create a web site or company that is easily accessible and can display your business information and the company’s products well. In addition to website content design also plays an important role in your business. Presentation of company information in the website is an important factor for the success of your website recognized by the search engine Google and the like so that global consumers can find, access, and digest the information nicely. This time is important for every website to be accessible to both and look perfect in a variety of media ranging computer, laptop, tablet PC, to the phone because the growth of internet users who use mobile media will surpass internet users of PCs and laptops in five years front.

Entrusting Management Company’s website at IndonesiaCore┬«

Identification Position Your Business and Existing Opportunities on the Internet

Competition between companies is becoming increasingly tight and every market increasingly contested, so the need to increase their presence on the Internet through the company’s web and social media activity. Business presence on the Internet makes greater reach into markets around the world with ‘no cost’. IndonesiaCore & reg; providing services to identify the position of your business on the internet and identify opportunities to achieve business by increasing presence on the Internet through the company’s website is designed well and the content up-to-date , and we can help position your business on the internet for better and easier for users to search the internet.

Our professional website design

IndonesiaCore┬« manage website content company that offers image and reassure consumers about the competence, professionalism and quality of the products or services your business. Our experienced designers combine words, colors, images, and tables well so that the message of corporate information to be conveyed can be performed in various media perfectly. Your company’s website will also be optimized so that it can perform the forefront in various search engines.

Website Content Management and Social Media

IndonesiaCore® We offer website content management services and social media. Websites and social media are an important means of supporting your business facilities. However, due to limited time and energy, often your company can not manage website content and social media. We offer website content management services and social media: Data Entry / Content Post, Database Check Up, Update Content (text, image), Optimization of a website for quicker access, Optimization social media accounts. The price we offer for the above mentioned services ranging from Rp. 2,500,000 / month.