To Bring You Suitable Solutions

IndonesiaCore® tries to discover drawbacks on your business and brings you the suitable solutions with lowest possible cost and timely manner.

We run series of services:

  1. Feasibility Study: determining whether a system is economically, socially, technologically and organizationally feasible
  2. Fact-Finding: conducting fact-finding measures, designed to ascertain the requirements of the system’s end-users
  3. Gauge Capabilities in Operating IT System: gauging how the end-users would operate the system, what the environment needed so that system can run properly, etc.

These series of services are solutions that we offer to you to enhance the effectivity and efficiency of your businesses. Without proper knowledge about problems that your company face, the outcomes that you want to achieve, the direction of your businesses and suitable information system to support it, and the capabilities of internal resources in your company then the success of your business is out of your reach.

Feasibility Study

IndonesiaCore® Feasibility Study services are provided to identify the problems and opportunities, to understand the successful outcomes, to find several alternatives, to assess the range of costs and benefits, and to determine the feasibility of those alternatives of solutions. The results of our Feasibility Study can be used to support the decision-making process based on a cost benefit analysis and a way to safeguard against wastage of further investment.


IndonesiaCore┬« Fact-Finding service’s purposes are: to find out the requirements that your business needs to succeed in solving problems and facing opportunities, and to ascertain the requirements of the IT-based system’s users. We combine fact-finding techniques to determine the direction of your business and to measure the costs and benefits of implementing specific IT-based system in your business.

Gauge Capabilities in Operating IT System

IndonesiaCore® Gauge Capabilities in Operating IT System services are offered to discover the capabilities of your internal resources in operating IT system, what system would be used for, what the environment needed by the system, and readiness of internal resources to adapt the IT system.