iKite for KITE Companies that Receive the Exemption or Refund of Import Duties

IndonesiaCore® provides ready-made IT Inventory System for KITE companies that receive the exemption or refund of import duties for export purposes. iKite can track down history of exports, imports, and productions and generate suitable reports for Customs needs and your business needs, such as BCLKT 01 Report, Conversions Report, Nil Accountability Report, and etc.

Advantages of using iKite:
1. optimize inventory management in your company that related to exemption or refund of import duties
2. comply the rules of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise about KITE companies with facility of exemption or refund import duties
3. can be accessed anytime anywhere
4. multi-user, simple, easy to use
5. maximum system security, auto backup data, and auto restore data
6. affordable investment completed with installation, training, and supervision services
7. special features built specifically for KITE companies such as Production Formula / Conversion, stock warning system, and etc.